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LQ-MD 330S Digital Label Cutting Machine

-Higher cutting accuracy, better stability and faster speed.
-Adopting high-precision ball screw splitting motor,for longer service life.
-Stable machanism.
-Modular design control system.

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  • LQ-MD 330S

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LQ-MD 330S-介绍


1.The overall rigid weight of the equipment leads the peers, and the superior equipment has higher cutting accuracy, better stability and faster speed.

2.The high-precision ball screw splitting motor is not an ordinary nut motor in the same industry. It has the advantages of higher cutting accuracy and longer service life.

3.Adaptive tension buffer control mechanism, the tension is not affected by the width of the material, resulting in unilateral force, and our mechanism is more stable.

4.Modular design control system, easy maintenance and replacement, clear and stable circuit connection.

ModelLQ-MD 330
Material support width60-320mm
Maximum cut label width320mm
Cutting tag length range10-900mm
Die cutting speed15m/min (specifically it is according to die track)
Nunber of cutting heads4-10
Number of split knives6(selected according to demand)
Die cutting progress0.lmm
Split speed30m/min
Split dimensions20-320mm
Machine size1600x1200x1800mm
Machine weight1500kg

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