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LQ-MD 7020DH Heat Press Machine


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  • LQ-MD 7020DH

  • UPG

  • LQ-MD 7020DH

· LED touch screen, more convenient operation

· Precision milling aluminum beam lifting, beam lifting precision is high

· White ink stirring

· Automatic height measurement

· Automatic lifting and cleaning

· Original maintop software

· Stainless steel ink stack, corrosion resistance, long service life

· Machine working window. Easy to see inside

· There are handles around the machine, user-friendly design, easy for the machine to move

· Free accessory packs

· A small fan is installed on the trolley board card to cool down the board card and prolong the service life of the board card

· Heating function of head, ( head has temperature requirements, such as in extremely cold areas, use this function to facilitate ink fluency)

· All aluminum nozzle bottom plate

Product solution: We have a team of engineers, contact engineers if you have any after sales service

Instructions: We'll send a USB flash drive along with the machine, with all the software and instructional videos

Maintenance: Frequent use of machinery

After-sales service: We will give away a spare parts package for free, which will help customers with after-sales service. Warranty: 13months

ModelLQ-MD 7020DH
PrintheadEPS 3200×2PCS
Ink color4 color (K,C,M,Y)+W
Capping widthAutomatic up and down capping system
Printing width70cm
SpeedHigh speed: 16㎡/h
Product speed: 13㎡/h
Precision speed: 10㎡/h
Data InterfaceGigabit Network Date transfer
Working EnvironmentTemperature: 20-25℃
Humidity: 40-60%
Power50-60Hz, AC220V (±10%)
Computer sys.Windows7, Windows8, Windows10
Machine size1630×780×1300mm

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