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LQ-NHJ Mixer

  • LQ-NHJ
  • UPG

The machine adopts two integrated motor and gearboxes, separately driving two specially Sigma shape designed mixing blades to rotate with different speeds. The two mixing blades can mix soap noodles, flakes with different kinds of liquid and solid ingredients inside the amalgamator chamber. All parts contacting with soap are made of high quality stainless steel. On the top, there is a stainless steel cover to prevent the operators from the machine harm during the rotating and any powder dust leakage.

Type LQ-NHJ50 LQ-NHJ100 LQ-NHJ250 LQ-NHJ450 LQ-NHJ750
Capacity(kg/batch) 50 100 250 450 750
Speed(rpm) 25/36 25/36 25/34 24/33 22/30
Power(kw) 5.5/5.5 7.5/7.5 18.5/18 22/30 37/37
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