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LQ-NT-2 Tea Bag Packaging Machine (Inner+Outer Bag)

  • LQ-NT-2

  • UPG


1. A single button can easily switch between flat packaging and triangular packaging bags.

2. Packing speed can be up to 3000 bags per hour which depends on material.

3. The machine can use the packing film with line and tag.

4. According to the characteristics of materials, electronic weighing system can be installed. The electronic weighing system is suitable for single materials, multi-materials, irregular-shaped materials, etc. , Each of the electronic weighing systems can be separate and flexibly control, according to the requirement.

5. The turntable type metering mode is with high precision. It can greatly improve the production efficiency of equipment.

6. Automatic tension adjusting device for packaging material.

7. The touch screen, PLC and servo motor provide complete setting functions. It can adjust many parameters according to the demand, provides the user maximum operating flexibility.

8. Automatic fault alarm and automatic shutdown.

9. The whole machine can automatically complete the functions of cutting, measuring, bag making, sealing, cutting, counting, finished product conveying and so on.

10. The precise control system is adopted to adjust the action of the machine. The machine has compact structure, man-machine interface design, easy operation, adjustment and maintenance.

11. The bag length is driven by servo motor, the bag length is stable, the positioning is accurate and the debugging is convenient.

12. The inner bag adopts ultrasonic sealing and cutting technology to seal and cut firmly and reliably.

13. The inner and outer bags can be independently switched, which can be linked and separately worked. 

Techncial Parameter:

Machine Name

Nylon Tea Bag Packaging Machine (Inner+Outer Bag)

Working speed

About 50 bags/min

Inner bag film


Bag type

Triangle bag or flat bag

Sealing method

Inner bag: Ultrasonic

Outer bag: Heat sealing

Outer bag size

L: 80-140mm, W: 70-120mm

Weight range


Filling accuracy

±0.2 grams/bag (Depend on the coffee material)

Weighing system


Max. 6 heads weigher

Compressed power

0.6 MPa, 200L/min

Power supply




Overall dimensions


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