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LQ-NT-3 Tea Bag Packaging Machine (Inner Bag And Outer Bag, 2 in 1 machine)

This machine is using the way of fully ultrasonic sealing, specially designed for tea-bag. One machine can pacakge tea with inner bag and outer bag.

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  • LQ-NT-3

  • UPG


Tea bag packaging machine is used to package tea as flat bag or pyramid bag. Tea bag packing machine machine is suitable for packing products like broken tea, ginseng essence, diet tea, health-caring tea, medicine tea, as well as tea leaves and herb beverage, etc. It packages different tea in one bag.

The automatic tea bag packing machine can automatically complete such functions as bag-making, filling, measuring, sealing, Thread feeding, labeling, cutting, counting, etc, thus reducing labor expenses and improving production efficiency.

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1. This machine is used to package for pyramid tea bag.

2. This machine adopts PLC and touch screen. It will be easier to operate.

3. The capacity is 2400 - 3600 bags/hour for inner bag and 2100 - 2700 bags/hour for outer bags.

4. The inner bag machine and outer bag machine can be used separately.

5. This machine can install nitrogen device, it can keep tea fresher and lifetime longer.

6. It can print date as well. (Optional)

Machine Name

Tea Bag Packaging Machine (Inner+Outer Bag)

Working speed

About 45 bags/min

Inner bag film


Bag type

Triangle bag or flat bag

Sealing method

Inner bag: Ultrasonic

Outer bag: Heat sealing

Outer bag size

L: 80-140mm, W: 70-120mm

Weight range


Filling accuracy

±0.2 grams/bag (Depend on the coffee material)

Weighing system


Max. 6 heads weigher

Compressed power

0.6 MPa, 200L/min

Power supply




Overall dimensions


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