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LQ-WBP01 Sausage Peeler

It is used in the production of cellulose casings.
  • LQ-WBP01
  • UPG

WBP01 sausage peeling machine is used in the production of cellulose casings peeled sausage. The type of machine have the function of high speed peeling including steam peeling and soak peeling the two ways, to make convenience for the manufacturers without steaming peeling. Special desighed blade group have longer lifetime and higher cutting officiency.



1. High speed
2. Smooth surface after body peeling.
3. Reasonable price and high cost-effective 

Model WBP01
Capacity 3M/min
Casing Dia.  Φ13-32 mm
Power  3.7KW
Power Supply  380V/50HZ/3Phase
Overall Dimension (L*W*H) 1880mm*650mm*1300mm 
Weight 310KG

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