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LQ-XJ1420 Large Format Sheet-fed Offset Printing Press

Double size impression cylinder and transfer drum(Φ800)Ratio of cylinder diameter:P:B:I:T=1:1:2:2

 7 o’clock cylinder arrangement

   To strengthen the frame and shaft head structure


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  • LQ-XJ1420

  • LQ


   High speed feeder

   Paper sheets fed to the front lays with speed adjustable

   Direct lift separation suction,linear paper sheet feeding

   Nozzle with four suction and four

   Blowing on both sides

   Vacuum feeding,feeder table with aluminum alloy plate

   Feed board with wheel brush press bar

   Inclination of the paper sheets adjustable at the feeder head

   Lift distance adjustable between 0.8~2mm according to sheet thickness

   Air volume manually adjustable according to the sheet size,weight and the printing speed

   Suction nozzle high and low steel wire shaft handle adjustment

   Suction nozzle for skewed paper pile

   Tooth shaped electromagnetic clutch

   Double sheets sensor

   Paper pile centering adjustable manually

   Position of feeder head manually adjustable

   Offer:Outline pre-stacking devices

   Option:Static eliminator

Sheet positioning

   Centering the pendulum conjugate cam paper feeding mechanism

   Down-swing compound front lays,longer sheet positioning time

   Sensor at the front lay for checking late and skewed paper sheets

   Paper sheet size control

   Front lay manually adjustable in vertical and longitudinal directions

   Roller side lay with adjustable drawing force and time

   Interlocking mechanism for the in-feeder and the front lay

   Offer:Pressing paper plate,pressing paper bar and pressing paper wheel

Printing unit

   Stainless coatings on the impression cylinder

   Flat sheet transfer drum smear-free sheet transfer

   All cylinder made of anti-friction cast iron

   Closing tooth at the high spot

   Gripper tips and pads changeable independently

   All cylinder born in special-purpose cylindrical roller bearings

   Blankets with aluminum clippers for fast plate mounting

   Blanket with tension in the middle

   The rubber roller with eccentric bearing structureclutch on-off is light

   Thickness of paper pressure manual adjustment quickly ruler

   Semi-auto plate holderhigh efficiency

   Pneumatic clamp bar

   Front plate holder with positioning pins(Φ10mm in diameter and with an interval of 780mm

    Maximum sheet size


     Minimum sheet size


     Maximum printing size


     Paper thickness


     Blanket size


     Plate size


     Maximum speed of the press


     Feeder/Delivery pile height


     Main motor power

 55 kW

     Net weight

 4-color 57500kg/5-color 70000 kg

     Overall dimension


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