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LQ-XLD Vertical Stamper

  • LQ-XLD
  • UPG

Vertical stamper adopts the best design and technology, driven by servo control and cam system, reliable and high mechanical repeating accuracy. The suction cups pick up soap billet and put it onto the mould, then after forming, pick finished soap bars out to discharge conveyor. The whole cycle is fully automatic, high speed, low vibration and solid performance. The control system uses Schneider PLC and servo, HMI with English/Chinese operating screens. Electrical hand wheel is used for minor control, easy for adjustment and mould replacement. Aluminum frame with safety door switches are used to ensure safety of the operator.

Type LQ-XLD200 LQ-XLD280 LQ-XLD400 LQ-XLD480
Max Speed (times/min) 65 60 55 54
Mould Cavaties (pieces) 3(125g), 4(60g) 4(125g), 5(60g) 6(125g), 8(60g) 8(125g), 10(60g)
Servo Motor Power (KW) 3.5 5 9 11

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