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LQK Automatic Four-color Printing Slotting and Die-cutting Machine

  • LQK
  • UPG

Adopts advanced design concept, with CE certificates, roller-to-roller transfer printing, Saving energy and ink function; The PLC program control; automatic zero, reset; digital display; remote maintenance, equipment trouble shooting fast; The gap adjustment within Pressure seal stick, Glue stick, Anilox roll, Preloading roll, Tack roll, Slotting roll adopt manually locking structure. Engine oil automatic balance device to keep the oil in the same plane.

Adapt in linerboard printing or Kraft paper
Can be connected to a common stacker or stripping stacker

Restoration: printing unit, plate will restored nearby after plate wiping and few plate change.
Zeroing function: after working, the machine will restored to original place
The pressure between axis can adjust without tool.


Leading edge location, increase the stability of thin cardboard and warping board
Electric clutch, pneumatic chain, movement warning, overload protection
Air volume adjustment, side baffle, and front baffle electrical adjusted
Dust-removing brush clean the paperboard
Feeding roller: quick change and convenient for maintenance
Counting stop, speed counter, and skip feeding


Printing Unit

Printing phase, axial direction: electrical adjusted and small touch screen display
Paper guide wheel quick move horizontal
Fixed phase: electromagnetic brake device


Slotting Unit

Pre-pressing feeding, which can prevent paperboard broke
Slotting without chain connection
Safety protection for slotting blade electrical axial movement
Slotting position, box height : electrical adjusted and small touch screen display


Die-cutting Unit

Rubber gasket roller mechanical transverse movement 60mm
Die-cutting position, pressure: electrical adjusted and small touch screen display
Die roller can axial move 20mm electrically
Speed compensation ensures a uniform linear velocity.
Rubber gasket grinding which can increase durability


Ceramic anilox roller
Double doctor blade system
Double vibration stripper
Transverse stripper



Max. Speed (Sheets/min)


Max. Feeding Size (L x W mm)

2800 x 1400

Skip Feeding Size (L x W mm)

1650 x280

Min. Feeding Size (L x W mm)


Max printing area (L x W mm )


Standard printing Plate Thickness ( mm )


Min. Slotting Interval ( mm )

A x B Normal


A x B Reverse


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