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LQSGS-IR1040Z/1200Z Series Manual Coating Machine

SGS-IR1040Z/1200Z Series Manual Coating Machine
  • LQSGS-IR1040Z/1200Z
  • UPG

Performance And Characteristics:

1. This machine is used for paper coating by water-based varnish, IR hot-wind drying.

2. This machine can be used together with YG calendering machine also

    manufactured by us, first being coated in SG, then through YG, the paper will

    be much more glossy. In addition, water-based varnish is environmental protection.

3. This machine can also be used for ground coating before UV coating,

    so UV varnish can be saved.

4. Air knife system for light paper, automatic machine stop mechanism for paper jam,

    powder-removing section are optional for this machine.

5. According to requirements, 2m or 4m lengthened conveyor is optional.

SGS-IR1040Z 1200Z 2



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