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ZHR-370/450/530/660 Unit Type Flexo Printer


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  • ZHR-370/450/530/660

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1.Machine adopts the latest servo control and operation system ,each unit is driven by double servo motor. The machine is entirely controlled by servo. For each machine. There are 37 servo drivers 12-color,3 die cutting stations and conveying platform, ensuring high precision and stability during the machine runs in high speed.

2.Printing roller adopts air support shaft sleeve system,stick sleeve or carving sleeve control by servo(without gear) easy convenient and fast to change the sleeve. The printing cylinder without gear, which improved the printing quality and reduce the maintenance

3.Printing and ink transfer pressure adjustment: printing roller adopt rolling pillow,only need to fine-tune the corresponding support frame on both side. When change new printing cylinder no need big adjustment,some special printing requirement also only need a little fine-tuning, the printing efficiency greatly improved.

4.Anvil roller equips with water chiller, ensure not affect by UV curing temperature when printing film material.

5.Unwinding unit equips with corona, dust, static electricity system, ensure the stability before printing.

6.The printing process is equipped with a high-precision web guide and video monitoring equipment, providing higherassurance for label printing.


Cold Foil (Movable)ZHR-370ZHR-450
Color Pre-Register200m/min200m/min
Fast Changing Ink System360mm450mm
Horizontal Overprint Adjustment370mm460mm
Hot Air Drying1050mm1050mm
Loading Method900mm900mm
Max.Mechanical Speed241-610mm(76T-192T)241-610mm(76T-192T)
Max.Printing WidthSleeveSleeve
Max.Repeat LengthMotor DrivenMotor Driven
Max.Unwind DiameterServo DrivenServo Driven
Max.Waste DiameterSemi-AutomaticSemi-Automatic
Max.Web Width380V/AC±10%380V/AC±10%
ModelInk Swift ChangeInk Swift Change
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)OptionalOptional
Power SupplyOptionalOptional
Turn Bar(Movable)StandardStandard
Vertical Overprint Control11m*1.5m*2.5m11m*1.68m*2.5m

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