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LQ-2400B Automatic Folder Glue Machine

JW series automatic folder gluer and stitcher inline machine is our latest model. Reference to the Europe, USA, Japan technology, meantime combining with the situation of our country, with many years’ experience in manufacturing carton machine. Achieving the high automatically in latter process of carton box. JW series model B automatic folder gluer stitcher is qualified machine. The whole machine structure is designed group structure. Each section is driven by individual frequency motor. Servo motor driving is optional. The upper and down carriers are line guide rail operated.

  • JW-2400B
  • UPG

Main features:
● The feeding unit adopts auto lead edge feeder. Side baffle can pat the corrugated paperboard.
● The gluing wheel is made of the stainless steel. Gluing pump supply the glue automatically. Glue less alarming and automatic cycle when the machine stops. Easy to be cleaned.
● Upper and down carrier moved by liner guide rail and motorized controlling.
● The pre-creasing wheels are install for the second creasing line.
● The final folding unit adopts the servo motor driving for the precision folding.
● The swing mode of stitching head. The machine can be gluing or stitching.
 The stitching can be single stitching, double stitching, double-single-double stitching.
● One switch changing for the gluing or stitching. The stitching head cab be move lift up when the machine works for the gluing.
● The all belts can be easy to be changed.
● PLC programs and 200 orders memory.
Feeding unit
The monitor can monitor cardboard transfer in  the ejector and counter part condition by the TV screen.
● Automatic lead edge feeder with 4 shafts.
● Side baffle can pat the corrugated paperboard and ensure the feeding precision.
● Automatic lead edge feeder with 4 shafts.
Automatic pump gluing system 
● Automatic pump gluing system.
● Automatic cycle when machine stops and easy to be clean.
● Motorized movement for the glue tank.
Folding unit
● All down carrier are motorized movement.
● Upper creasing wheels to ensure the second creasing. It is 4 pieces and driving by motor.
● Upper and down carrier moved by liner guide rail.
● Servo motor driving for the outer belts to ensure the folding precision.
● Independent frequency inverter motor driving for the final folding unit
Ejector & Counter
● According to PLC touch screen programmer and control by touch screen.
● Input data advance the machine working. Auto detector can output the exact numb
● Counter and the push regulator using pneumatic mode.
● Piling height: stacking number can be set freely from 10-30 pieces
Line guide rail
● Down and upper carriers are line guide rail with motorized adjusted.
Configuration list

All servo driving motorYASKAWA-Japan
All servo pack of driving motorYASKAWA-Japan
All frequency inverter motorCPG-Taiwan
All motor inverter controllerDELTA -Taiwan
PLC main touch screenKINCO-Sino Germany
PLC programsFATEK-Taiwan
Intermediate relay apparatusOMRON-Japan
Main low voltage apparatusABB-Switzerland
All breakerSCHNEIDER- France
BearingsC&U-China, NSK-Japan, 

Model JW-2400B
Max. Gluing Speed 200 m/min
Max. Sheet Size 2400 x 1200
Min. Sheet Size 600 x 300mm
Folding Mode up folding
Available Sheet 3 layer, 5layer
Adhesive PVA
Total power 36kw
Voltage 380V, 50HZ, 3phase
Dimension 15000 x 3400 x 2200mm
Weight 15T
Image 14 

Max Min
A Gluer 2400 600
B Gluer 1200 300
C Gluer 1080 120

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