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LQ Corner Conveyor

  • UPG

Turn the lateral plate from the CTP plate-making machine 90 ° into the processor which can reduce the width and cost, both with the function of machine bridge and to coordinate the height and speed difference between the processor and plate-making machine. One CTP plate-making machine can be connected to three processors through the conveyor at the same time, improving the overall efficiency.

1. Continuously variable speed in two directions, adaptability. 
2. Pneumatic lift plate, light and fast
3. Two-stage height adjustment, meet the height difference between
    the processor and plate-making machine.
4. Automatically determine the position of the
    plate to avoid the overlapping plate into the processor.

1. Two or three directions to connect the processor model.
2. Determine the plate size and send plates by  the size.
3. Accept orders of special specifications or special requirements.

Max plate width860*1100mm1200*1500mm1425*1650mm
Min plate length400*220mm400*220mm400*220mm
Overall dimensions L*W*H1645*1300*950mm1911*1700*950mm2450*1900*950mm
Power1Ph;220V/2A 50/60Hz

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