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LQ Handheld inkjet printer


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This inkjet printer can print on plastic bags, cartons, metal, glass, woven bags, wood products, pipes. It can print Chinese characters, English, numbers, time, serial number, barcode, QR.

Product advantages

1.Easy to operate

2.The maximum printing heightis 25.4mm(1 inch)

3.A variety of materials to achieve high adhesion, fast drying printing effect

4.Can support 2D code, bar code, date, Logo, count, picture, etc

5.Fast printing ofvariable data

6.No maintenance cost, the print head is being replaced,when the cartridge is replaced.



FeatureAll plastic bodyABS+PC, RGB screen +
resistive touch screen, built-in encoder
Machine size135mm*96mm *230mm
Printing position360-degree allround inkjet coding, arbitrary
inkjet coding in all directions, to meet
production needs
Font libraryBuilt-in GB full character library
pinyin input method, easy to
FontHigh definition printing font (that is, printing)
dot matrix font, built-in a variety of Chinese
and English fonts
GraphCan print a variety of
trademark patterns, through
the machine'shard disk mode
Precision300 DPIPrint height2mm-25.4mm
Distance2mm-10mm (distance from the nozzle to
the object), 2mm-5mm printing effect is
working voltageDC16.8V,  3.3A
Automatic printingDate, time, batch number, shift, serial
number, picture, bar code, database file, etc
Store informationFiles saved inside the machine
can be stored or exported
through hard disk mode
Message lengthSupports content length up to 10 metersSpeedOnline printing up to 60 m/min
InkFast drying ink, water based ink, oil based inkInk colorBlack, red, blue
Cartridge capacity42 mlExteral interfaceUSB interface,power interface,
photoelectric interface
control panelResistive touch screenEnvironment
0℃-38℃; Humidity 10℃-80℃
Print materialCarton, stone, MDF, keel, pipe, metal, plastic,
wood, aluminum foil, etc
Flow sequence numberVariable serial number 1-9 digits

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