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LQ-JJ380 Waterless Offset Intermittent Printing Machine

  • LQ-JJ380
  • UPG

(1) Adopt waterless(dry) offset, there is no need to control the ba lance of water and ink. Make the color more bright and stable, even stop-start machine. Dot clear, no deformation. This kind of machine is suitable for small and large quantities of high-end labels, is the most ideal choice for printing factory;
(2) This machine can do waterless offset printing and letterpress printing at the same time without adding letterpress printing unit specially. Not only directly increase production efficiency, but also save the cost of purchasing machine;
(3) Touch screen, intelligent man-machine operating system:This system consists of 8 parts: auto page, overprinting page, washing page, single-action page, second printing page, ink adjustment page, fault detection page and machine parameter page. Every page can be switched to each other by touch screen buttons. The touch screen has two size: Pro12-B2 & Pro7-B2. Pro12-B2 is main part, Pro7-B2 is for each printing un it, which can be operated i ndependently fast and convenient. The main touch screen Pro12-B2, connect with each P ro7-B2, and control the whole machine's running;
(4) The control systemUsing the latest motion control system from J apan Yaskawa, overprint will not change little when increase or slow down the speed, start or stop machine;
(5) Registration system
Each print unit has servo motor which is used to control the horizontal and vertical adjusting movement. By delicate
surface monitoring, there is no need to stop machine, while adjusting the print position, effectively improved the quality and productivity of printing products;
(6) Transferring ink system
Adopt servo supplying ink, 4 oscillating ink rollers, with good transferring ink system, can effectively prevent ghost image, so the quality of prints greatly improved. And the prints' precision & clarity is the letterpress & wet offset out of reach;
(7) Lubricating System
The machine uses automatically cycling oil-supply system to ensure the accuracy and service life of the machine.


Technical parameters 
Model                                                                         LQ-JJ380                                                                     
Printing speed 30-170rpm
Printing colors 6 color
Printing length 290 mm
Maximum width of feed 360 mm
Printing width 360 mm
Maximum unwinding diameter 800 mm
Maximum winding diameter 800 mm
Power supply 220V
Monitor rate 44KW
Equipment size 8000×1600×1700 mm
Host weight 10 t

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