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LQ-MD 1824 Single Pass Printing & Coating In-line Machine Corrugated Box Inkjet Printer System

LQ-MD1800 series of Single pass printer is a high speed plateless printer with Epson industrial AlI-MEMS printhead. With 1800mm feeding width, 800mm printing width and unlimited printing length, his series of printer can meet the needs of most printing applications.

The printer uses four primary color inkiet printing technology which don't need washing machine. One click cleaning system can finish pritheads maintenance after each boot up, which not only ensures printing quality, but also effectively extends the service life of the printheads.

Using environmentally friendly water based dye ink with high fluency and bright color, optional pigment ink has strong water resistance, high UV resistance and etc.

The length amd width of the printing work can be set on the touch screen. which can save labour and don't have excessive technical requirements for the operator.

Through terse and convenient sotware control system operator can complete all fthe printimg process by easily clickig the "start" button.

The speed of Singlepass high speed printer is up to 1.5m/s that can meet the mass production order requirement. The machine adopts all computer control to output the picture with no plates.While keeping a high speed. the full color resolution beyond traditional ink printing makes printing products more exquisite and vivid.

The products after printing have good visual effect and high yield, that add the value to the paperboard.

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LO-MD 1824 Single Pass Corrugated Inkjet Printer

LQ-MD 1824_coating unit-详情


1. Single Pass: Single pass which has smooth printing process with 1m/s non-stop printing to meet large-batch order.  

2. High Efficiency: Intelligent sensor system, realizing automatic feeding and taking,improving the work efficiency.

3. High Precision: Using Epson water-based piezo printhead with highest printing resolution of 900*600dpi.

4. Eco-friendly printing: Using water-based ink which is perfect for food & beverage packaging. No need to clean machine when changing, Single Pass high-speed printing uses four primary color inkjet printing technology without washing machine.

5. Fast delivery: No plates required, click-to-print and no need for heating.

6. Saving manpower: Single Pass high-speed printing saves time through adopting drawing and color matching by computer on demand that just needs one operator.


1. The machine uses Siemens PLC control system, which can ensure the accuracy of material transfer in carton printing process.

2. The machine uses Panasonic servo motor, which ensures the stability of printing, and longer service life.

3. The machine is equipped with Dell industrial embedded PC with high configuration and strong anti-interference ability, which makes printing more smooth.

4. The machine uses Omron photoelectric sensor, which makes the corrugated carton have precise positioning and stable transmission.

5. The machine uses Yadeke cylinder , which makes the roller lifting stable and the multi-cylinder coordination harmonious.

ModelLQ-MD 1816LQ-MD 1818LQ-MD 1824
Rip software ripMaintop
Picture formatTIFF,JPG,PDF,PNG
PrintheadEPSON Industrial ALL-MEMS Print Head
No.s of printhead161824
Ink type and colorCMYK water based ink
Max.printing width533mm600mm800mm
Media thickness0.5-20mm
Max.printing speed1.5m/s(300×600 DPI)
0.8m/s(600×600 DPI)
0.5m/s(900×600 DPI)
Min. feeding width350×450mm without scoring
350mm×660mm with scoring
Max. feeding widthStandard 1800mm
Feeding modeAuto feeding
Operating systemWindows 7 or Later Version
Working environment18-30°C,humidity:50%-70%
Electric voltage220V±10%,50/60Hz
Total powerAC220V,50-60Hz
Printer size(L*W*H)4310x5160x1980mm
Printer weight2500kg

LQ-MD 1824_coating unit-右

Pre-sales Service
We provide all information and materials of our products to the valuable customers and partners so as to support their business and development. We also will give a preferential price for the first few machines, the samples for the printing, packaging and consumables are available, but the freight should be borne by the customers and partners.

In-sales Service
The delivery time of the ordinary equipment is generally 30-45 days after receipt of deposit. The delivery time of the special or large scale equipment is generally 60-90 days after receipt of the payment.

After-sales Service
The quality guarantee period of the product is 13 months after leaving the Chinese port. We can provide customers with free installation and training, but the customer is responsible for round-trip tickets, local meals, accommodation and engineer allowance.
If the product is damaged due to customer's incorrect handing, the customer should bear all the costs including the costs of spare parts and freight charges etc. During the warranty period, if it is damaged caused by our manufacturing failure, we will provide all repair or replacement free of charge.

Other Service
We can design special products according to customer's requirements on various aspects, including style, structure, performance, color etc. In addition, OEM cooperation is also welcome.

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