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LQ-MD 2508 Multi Pass Corrugated Box Inkjet Printer

LQ-MD2500 series of Multipass printer is a progressive type printer with beautiful appearance and simple control platform.

It needs to check the nozzles before printing, that can ensure the printing quality. Regular maintenance can extend the life of the printheads effectively. There are three maintenance options for this machine, in most cases we only need to choose the economic mode to meet the requirements of maintenance and cleaning, to do our best to save costs in every detail.

The adjustment of the paper feeding mechanism is controlled by the automatic motor, and the digital setting is completed with one key. Leading edge feeding improves the reaction speed and printing efficiency of the machine.

Computer controls output pictures, it can print directly without making plates.

The printing area is equipped with belt type suction for paper feeding in the whole process, which effectively solve the problem of slipping of paperboard. Adopting 8pcs Micro-piezo Epson printheads, scanning type printing width is 266mm per time, maximum printing speed is up to 1000m2/h per hour.

The printing resolution of more than 360×600 dpi ensures the exquisite printing products.

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Latest Printhead
8pcs Micro-piezo Epson printheads, scan-type printing width is 266mm per time, max. printing speed is up to 700m2/h per hour.

Feeding system
The printing area is equipped with belt type suction for paper feeding in the whole process. There are two noise absorption fans, both big size and small size of paperboard all can be printed, which effectively solves the problem of slipping of paperboard.

High efficiency
The main adjustment parts of feeding mechanism have been improved to full-automatic motor controlling, one key ready by digital setting, the time and accuracy of manual operation adjustment is improved. Upgraded model with applied servo feeding for higher reaction speed and printing efficiency.

Electric system
Adopts siemens PLL control system to ensure the accuracy of media transter, Panasonic servo motor to ensure long serve life, Dmom sensor to ensure the printing accuracy.

ModelLQ-MD 2508LQ-MD 2513LQ-MD 2508+
Rip software ripMaintop
Picture formatTIFF,JPG,PDF,PNG
PrintheadEPSON Industrial ALL-MEMS Printhead
No.s of printhead813
Ink type and colorCMYK water based ink
Max printing width2480mm
Media thickness1-20mm
Max printing speed700m2/h1000m2/h
Max feeding width2500mm
Printing resolution360x600DPI
Feeding modeAuto belt feedingAuto servo feeding
Operating systemWindows 7 or later version
Working envronment18-30ºC, humidity:50-70%
Electric voltage380V±10%, 50/60Hz
Total power8.5KW
Printer size(LxWxH)4420x3140x1720mm
Printer weight3600kg

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