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LQ-MD 3221 Digital UV Printing Machinery


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  • LQ-MD 3221

  • UPG

  • LQ-MD 3221

· Convex spotlight makes stronger light to cure ink, and efficient water-recycling system ensure it works longer time.

· The magnetic motor has the advantages of high positioning accuracy, fast response speed, high sensitivity, safety and reliability, and long service life.

· Anti-statics system is upgraded to eliminate statics at higher efficiency and in larger area.

· Made with big rubber rollers, the RTR system can print on 3.2m roll, or two small rolls.

· Adopt metal grating, higher accuracy, higher stability, more durable.

· The ink valve system is opened and closed automatically bysolenoid vavle control.

PrintheadRICOH GEN5 7PL (3-12H)RICOH GEN6 5PL (3-12H)
Resolution600, 900, 1200, 1800, 2400 dpi
Printng speed12 Printheads CMYK × 412 Printheads CMYK × 4
Color4 color/ double 4 color/ 6color/ white or varnish
Max.material thicknessRigid material: ≤110mm;  Flexible media: ≤1mm
Drying systemLED lamp/ UVmercury lamp Option
Air draft8 air draft divisions adapt to the max working area dimension
Printing size

Maximum Printing Area

:Rigid material: 3300×1300mm

Flexible media width: 3200mm

Maximum Material Area:

Rigid material: 3450×2150mm

Flexible media width: 3230mm
InkUV Curing ink
Outdoor lifeAt least 3 years outdoor/ 10 years indoor --use Sprinter ink
Ink capacity1.5L drums, automatic surveillance for shorting of ink, non-stop and ink
Ink supply systemAuto Negative ink supply
MediaGlass, PMMA, ceramic, Metal, Paper, wood,   Leather, flex banner, Wallpaper, Car sticker,Soft film, PVC, PP, PE, PTEE…
Control systemWindows 7/ 10, 64 bit, RAM ≥8G, HDD ≥500G, SSD ≥128G, CPU ≥Inte 15
RIP softwarePhotoprint/ Print Factory/ ONYX/ Caldera (Option)
Operation environmentTemperature: 18-26°C is more effectively contorl static and guarantee printed quality
Humidity: 40-70% TO effectivelycontrol static and guarantee printed quality
Power supplyPower Maximum: 8 kw; AC50 /60 Hz; 220v (±10%)>15A
Image formatTiff, JPEG, EPS, PDF
Dimension (L×W×H)5500×3500×1660 mm
Package dimensions
5650×2300×1900& 4000×1040×1100mm
Net weight & Gross weight3100& 3700 kg
Safety certificationCertification

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