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LQ-MD 50/5F Elliptical Binding Machine


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  • LQ-MD 50/5F

  • UPG

  • LQ-MD 50/5F

    LQ-MD 50/5F ellipse glue-binding machine is high-tech glue-binding machine in 21st century, which is driven by 4 book end chain form, and avoids the too much driving momentum in traditional disk covering machine and the intermittent problems easily happened between the axes.

    This machine uses computer operating systems frequency conversion speed adjustment control, PLC programmable controller, photoelectricity identification, automatic check control and touch screen and many other advanced technologies. There is digital display function in the glue breaking back and forth, milling function, cover feeding. The creasing wheel has micro adjustment functions constantly, and the book collection structure is horizontal and protects the book back forming in better way. This machine can be used not only for unsewed book, but also sewed book, which is the ideal equipment for the printing factories.

Major characteristics of double column guided with twin-cam book cover feeding mechanism:

  1. Strong wearing resistance 

  2. High precision

  3. Great clamp force

  4. Steady top down

  5. Indeformable front and back clamp plates

    At present, it is the most advanced one among the international similar machines, and the upper-sealing clamp mechanism has won several national patents.

This machine is offered the book core by manpower, and automatically finishes procedures below:

  1. Milling and slotting on the book spine

  2. Back glue and side glue

  3. Creasing the book cover

  4. Feeding the book cover

  5. Pressing the book core and cover

  6. Outputting the book

Binding size

Max: 450×300mm 

Min: 150×105mm

Binding thickness2-50mm

Binding speed

Max: 2300books/ Hour

Power required







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