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LQ-MD RFID Antenna (Clothing)


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  • LQ-MD

  • UPG

RFID clothing tag solves the following problems in the industry

  • Sales statistics

    The statistics of the daily sales report is very important for the Sales Department of the enterprise. It requires accurate results at the fastest speed, which can help the sales department distribute and replenish goods in time.

  • Inter counter allocation

    The sales situation is also different in different locations. Through the allocation of goods between different counters, the circulation of varieties can be accelerated and the sales quantity can be expanded to the greatest extent.

  • Return control

    In the market competition, all manufacturers are improving service quality and allowing customers to return goods. Through the statistical analysis of returns, we can accurately find out the product quality problems and investigate the responsible departments, responsible units and responsible persons.

  • Counter inventory and goods search

    Counter inventory and goods search is a very cumbersome and error prone work for each monopoly cabinet. It is very easy to count and find goods at the counter by using a handheld reader or data collector, so as to improve work efficiency.

  • Dynamic statistics of best-selling products and favorite products

    According to the attention and favor of all customers for a product, and then carry out real-time tracking according to the sales situation, a mathematical model can be established to analyze consumer preferences and better grasp the market.

   RFID clothing tag electronic tag is actually the "ID card" of brand clothing. Each clothing has a unique code clothing tag, just like everyone has an ID card. People with an ID card are easy to manage. Clothing with RFID clothing tag electronic tag also has automatic multi link object management.

Application Name Design Size Chip


3.General Commodity
AD-318 图片1 41×16mm M5
AD-320 图片2 41×16mm U7
AD-321 图片3 41×16mm R6 / R6-P
AD-370 图片4 19×53mm U7
AD-380 图片5 50×30mm G2iM
AD-381 图片6 50×30mm M5
AD-383 图片7 50×30mm U7

(The size can be customized. Please contact the customer service for details.)

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