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LQ-MD 30K Automatic electronic label sealing installation




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  • LQ-MD 30K

  • UPG

  1. The fully automatic electronic tag packaging machine is a device designed for HF and UHF electronic tag inlay chip patches in the RFID industry of the Internet of things. The whole equipment can meet the use of antennas with a width of 20-180mm (narrow width).

  2. The whole line consists of automatic winding antenna, automatic pulling, automatic dot glue, mounting chip, automatic heat pressure, automatic detection marking, and automatic winding collection.

  3. The device supports both 8-inch and 12-inch wafer discs.

  4. The patch part adopts the camera pair material and chip alignment to meet the requirements of chip mounting accuracy.

  5. Use industrial control machine control, combined with the modular design of imported step motor, cylinder, guide rail and wire rod, to meet the stability requirements of customers for long-time use of equipment.

  6. Each group of thermal pressure head ensures planness of thermal pressure mechanism, and each group of thermal pressure and temperature are adjusted consistent and stable to ensure glue curing effect.

Equipment name



13k pcs/h (depending on the material)

Antenna width

20 -180mm

Discharging speed


Drawing accuracy


Maximum winding diameter


Chip size

0.2×0.2mm -2×2mm

Disk size

8 inch Wafer, 12 inch Wafer

Crystal expansion mode

Manual crystal expansion

Heating head temperature

50 -250, ±3

Parallelism of heating head



0.5 -3N, ±0.1N

Curing time

6 -8s

Vision system

CCD vision system

(positioning vision, detection vision)

Control mode


Power Supply


Equipment size (L×W×H)

5600×1300×1700mm (excluding display)

Equipment weight

About 3000kg

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