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LQ-MD FC20 Automatic Electronic Tag Sealing Machine

LQ-MD FC20 Automatic electronic tag sealing machine is suitable for Internet of Things RFID industry and is also specially designed for inlay chip-paste of HF, UHF electronic tag, which could meet the antenna's width from 20-180mm.
This production line consists of auto-unwinding roll of antenna, auto-pushing-material, auto-dispensing, sealing chip, auto-heating-pressure, auto-detecting-tag and auto-rewinding.
The chip unit adopts camera to locate the material to the chip to meet different precision demands for chips.
With industrial control, it is equipped with imported stepping motor, air-cylinder, guide-rail, screw-rod and module combination to meet stability demands for different customers to use this machine.
The each group of pressure-head in the heating-pressure could ensure flatness and also guarantee heating-pressure and temperature to adjust synchronously to make the glue cure.

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Features & Advantages

Unwinding/Rewinding unit
Constant-tension unwinding and rewinding unit could control tension ranging from 1-10N whose tolerance is ±5N. Meanwhile it has independent servo motor to control to alarm protection when the material is disconnected.

Deviation System
This system adopt higher-precision rectify system and also use supersonic wave to monitor timely so as to correct them when the thing are under transportation, whose correction precision is ±0.5mm.

Anti-static device
It exists one set of anti-static elimination unit behind the detection station to eliminate materials' static under production after material come into different bonding team or heating pressure, which could guarantee chips and material not to be damaged by static.

Chip-Paste unit
Composite structure adopts anti-static, anti-adhesive, anti-pressure roller and fine-metal roller to ensure the productions not to be damaged and to run stably. The paste precision is around ±0.035mm.

Technological Process

Technological Process

Product Parameter

Modle LQ-MD FC20
Speed 15000-20000pcs/h
The width of material 20-180mm
The application material PET paper
The paste precision ±0.035mm (≤2 degree)
The antenna jump distance min 15mm
The yield ≈99.7%
Heating head 60
Gas consumption 300L/min
Control PC + Servo
Power AC380V;50/60Hz; 40A; 16kw
Air pressure 6kg/cm2
The max roll diameter 600mm
Overal size 6500*1300*1800mm
Weight 3000kg

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