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LQ-MD D100 Desktop RFID Inspection Machine

This equipment owns self-development control system and function orientation development.
Traction station adopts servo motor and synchronous high-precision to adjust speed.
It has craft-parameter storage function and program could be adjusted flexibly.
This equipment has intermittent feeding mode and continuous feeding mode, according to different read-write to be switched flexibly.

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  • LQ-MD D100

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Features & Advantages

It has independent write-code to guarantee accuracy rate for every productions,which could enhance working efficiency and is the read-write speed 10 pcs/s.
It owns online CDD comparison,which contains write-code, rectifying number, bar-code and EPC data.
It has this function that could output and input batch of data so as to write finished date to store to be read next time.
Safety protection function could realize auto-stop urgently if the operator is nearer to the dangerous zone, which could protect man-body in max extent.

LQ-MD D100 machine structure


This machine could realize RFID tag more layer of materials to be laminated, which are applicable for different ticket-cards in different industry, such as garment, electronic, Medical Treatment and Public Health, logistic, etc.

LQ-MD D100 Application

Product Parameter

Model LQ-MD D100
Work platform running speed 0-50m/min (according to different length of the tag)
The width of tag max100 (according to different demands of customers)
The length of tag 10-100mm
EPC detection speed 10 pcs/s
EPC write-code speed 8 pcs/s
Running mode continuous
The material range Electronic tags
Power AC220V, 1kw
Overall size 650*380*600mm

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