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LQ-MD LC250 RFID Label High Speed Laminating and Transverse Cutting Machine

Four rows of inlay transfer glue and three transverse cutting speed 100m.
The paste gap for inlay transfer glue is less than ±0.5 and the transverse cutting is ±0.2mm.
For tag detection, reader&writer could detect the function for chip and if it detects the waste, it will kick off the waste accurately.
Sheet-material automatic collecting device could count separately and pack so as to save labor cost and also make next batch of job unwind. Meanwhile, several rows of roll-slitting rewinding device adopt independent servo control and constant tension not to damage internal chip
It has much stronger extensibility and also these crafts for turning and folding-back to meet different demands such as, single, double and four rows of three-knife transverse cutting.

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Machine Structure
1.Auxiliary Shaft
Automatic tension control: roll diameter could be self-adaptable, which is set in the function of tension-control, with easy operation.
External auto-deviation device: by supersonic wave, it could respond to the location of the material belt, to ensure location consistency when materials are not even.

2.Cutting& Transfer glue unit
Inlay cutters: free-match different blade space, such as two, three, four, six, twelve and so on, which is flexible to match up and easy to install or uninstall.

3.Gluing Unit
Before this machine starts, firstly, the distance air-cylinder is open and then the gluing head is near to the materials to be printed, Secondly, gluing air cylinder is also open then machine starts to run, which could effectively decrease surplus-glue to be left over when machine begins.

Machine structure

LQ-MD LC250 Machine Structure


This machine could realize RFID tag more layer of materials to be laminated, which are applicable for different ticket-cards in different industry, such as garment, electronic, Medical Treatment and Public Health, logistic, etc.

LQ-MD LC250 Application


Model LQ-MD LC250
Running speed 100m/min
The material width 250mm
Roll diameter 600mm
Roll weight 30kg
Gluing width 230mm
The min stepping distance for tag 12-200mm
Cutting precision ≤+0.3mm
Inlay paste precision ≤+0.5mm
Double layer of laminating precision ≤±0.4mm
Die-cutting precision ≤±0.2mm
Power AC380-400v 40kw
Overall size 5600*1500*2300mm
Machine weight 4000kg

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