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LQ-MD A7000 Rotary RFID Automatic Labelling Lamination Machine


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  • LQ-MD A7000

  • UPG

  • LQ-MD A7000

LQ-A7000 Rotary RFID lamination equipment

· Simple and fast operation, high speed, stable production

· Motion control, independent double inlay unwinder

· Sheet collecting, High anti-static design

· Inlay inspection, removing, cutting, shifting

· Final product inspection and mark bad label function

· Inline die cutting(full rotary, half rotary ) inline gluing


Inlay inspection, bad inlay removing
A7000-inlay inspection

Gluing unit

A7000-gluing unit

Final product die cutting, half rotary
A7000-final product die cutting

High anti-static design

A7000-anti static

Easy and flexible operation


Inspection, inkjet printer

Inlay cutting
A7000-inlay cutting

Double inlay unwinder

A7000-double inlay

Sheet platform
A7000-sheet platform

Electric control cabinet
A6000W-electric control cabinet

Max. Production speed60m/min
Max. Inlay width (Single unwinding)160mm
Max. Inlay width (double unwinding)80mm
Max. inlay cutting length90mm
Max. substrate width180mm
Label lengthUp to 550mm
Label widthUp to 170mm
Registration of substrate at axle direction ±0.1mm
Inlay cutting tolerance±0.3mm
Inlay positioning tolerance±0.3mm
Substrate register tolerance±0.3mm
Die cutting tolerance±0.2mm
Diameter of unwinder 500mm
Diameter of rewinder500mm
Power supply380V, 50Hz, 60A (Including gluing machine)
Air supply0.5mpa, 100L/min
Machine size3.6×1.6×2.3m

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