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LQ-SWAFM-1050 Fully Automatic Laminator

Fully Automatic Laminator
  • LQ-SWAFM-1050

  • UPG

1.     Overlapping regulator: servo control and front lay to guarantee accuracy of paper overlapping.
2.     Smart constant temperature heating roller: heating roller equipped with built-in heater, temperature measuring sensor and temperature controller to make the temperature stable and constant.
3.     Film shaft: air shaft with dividing rule make the loading, unloading and positioning of the film more accurate. The extension of film is controlled by pneumatic breaker.
4.     Man-machine interface system: color touch screen make the operation easy and convenient. Operator can check the status of machine on the color touch screen.
5.     Anti-curve device: It can avoid paper curvature due to shrinkage of film and make the paper has the features of easy adjust and no shaking.
6.     Electrical system: Schneider PLC inverter Omron and other international brand parts make the machine run smoothly, easy adjust

Model LQSWAFM-1050
Max Paper Size 1050x820mm
Min Paper Size 300x300mm
Laminating Speed 0-65m/min
Paper Thickness 100-500g/m²
Gross Power 26kw
Dimensions 7500×2430×1900mm
Total Weight 3850kg
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