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LQ-TBX1000C/TBX2000C Color Transmission Densitometer

LQ-TBX1000C/TBX2000C Color Transmission Densitometer insures consistent process control in the manufacture for films, laminates, and substrates. The TBX1000C/TBX2000C, with Status A (Status M on request), measures density and density difference of either color or black & white substrate with a great degree of accuracy and precision, and percent opacity (TBX2000C)/percent transmission (TBX2000C). Status A is used for reading positives, such as transparencies and prints. Status M for reading negatives. Accuracy and repeatability are the keys to quality control. Data can be exported to a spreadsheet using the optional software package.

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  • LQ-TBX1000C/TBX2000C

  • UPG

Measures density and density difference

Calculates %Opacity and %Transmission (TBX2000C)

Use for color or black & white substrates

Soft key menu operation

7.5 inch throat to measure large samples

Accurate repeatable readings

Software Calibration

Switchable LED table lamps

Takes RGB readings using Status A filter set

Status M and custom filters upon request

Easy selectable filters

USB port

Data capture program available

Optical Design                                      ANSI PH2.19

Display                                                 Graphical LCD (128x64 pixel)

Aperture                                               3mm (1mm and 2mm in tool kit)

Dimensions                                          13(L)x9(W),4.5(H) inches (330x229x114 mm)

Throat Length (Arm)                               7.5 inches (191mm)

Output Port                                           USB

Power                                                 12V via universal 110/220VAC Adapter

Measuring Range (Black & White)              0 to 6.60D

                                (Red Filter)                 0 to 5.50D

                                (Green Filter)              0 to 5.00D

                                (Blue Filter)                0 to 4.50D

%Opacity/%Transmission (TBX2000C)   0-100%

Filters (wavelengths)                                  Status A (Custom filters upon request)

                               Blue Filter                 400-480nm

                              Green Filter               500-580nm

                              Red Filter                  640-710nm

Accuracy                                          ±0.02D

Precision                                          ±0.01D



Optical DesignANSI PH2.19
DisplayGraphical LCD (128x 64 pixel)
Aperture          3mm (1mm and 2mm in tool kit)
Dimensions 13(L)x9(W),4.5(H) inches (330x229x114 mm)
Throat Length (Arm)7.5 inches (191mm)
Output   PortUSB
Power12V via universal 110/220VAC Adapter
Measuring   Range
(Black & White) 
0 to 6.60D
Measuring   Range
(Red Filter)
0 to 5.50D
Measuring   Range
(Green Filter)
0 to 5.00D
Measuring   Range
(Blue Filter)               
0 to 4.50D
Filters (wavelengths)Status A (Custom filters upon request)
Blue Filter                   400-480nm
Green Filter                 500-580nm
Red Filter                    640-710nm
Accuracy                                ±0.02D

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