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LQ-ZD2000/2400 Auto Folder Gluing Machine

The machine is composed of Feeding、Creasing、Folding、Fully Pressing、Conveying and Counter Ejecting total six Sections. The independent motor and operating bench is assembled at each of Section for convenient and fast operating. PLC adopted for the whole machine, controlling the boxes quantity ejecting and its time. The safety alarming device is assembled at the side of the machine, it would be automatically alarming when the fault operating happened.
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1. Product General Introduction:
The machine is composed of FeedingCreasingFoldingFully PressingConveying and Counter Ejecting total six Sections. The independent motor and operating bench is assembled at each of Section for convenient and fast operating. PLC adopted for the whole machine, controlling the boxes quantity ejecting and its time. The safety alarming device is assembled at the side of the machine, it would be automatically alarming when the fault operating happened.
2. Feeding Section:
(1) Composed of 7 pcs of 100mm feeding belts for the cardboards conveying. The gap between the feeding belts can be adjusted through the tensioning wheel for applying to the different width cardboards.
(2) The baffles are setting at the both right and left said of the feeding section, can automatically adjust the different width cardboards.
(3) Four front baffles are assembled can adjust the different thickness cardboards.
(4) A piece of supporting roller and back side positioning instrument are setting at the backstop.
(5) Inverter used for adjusting, makes the operation easy and fast, feeding stably.
(6) Comparison between other supplier’s design and our design.

Other Supplier's designOur design
a. 2 pcs of feeding baffles independently to adjust the cardboard thickness, is time and energy consuming.a. Four feeding baffles controlled by one manual wheel simultaneously adjusting. It’s more convenient and faster.
b. Left and right side baffles are manual adjusting.b. Left and right side baffles are motor controlled to adjust.
c. No slotting groove position
fixed at the backstop
c. Adopts the independent auto-adjusting platform for slotting groove positioning, can fix precisely.
d. Using the ordinary suction blower d. Adopted the HTB multiple segmentation High Pressure suction blower from Taiwan. Feeding stably with high efficiency.
e. No Pressure rollere. Provide the pressure-type feeding roller, can precisely position before creasing.

3. Pre-creasing Section:
Adopts 3 sets of creasing wheel fixed at the wall fame (The first supplier R&D in China).

Other supplier's creasing designWe first R&D Designing in China
Disadvantage Advantage
a. Changing the creasing wheels is inconvenient, have to disassemble all bearings and shaftsa. Convenient to change, can disassemble individually, good for maintenance and changing the creasing wheels, save the time.
b. Creasing precision can not be ensured, as is depending on the shafts which are slender and thin, it will jump when the cardboard transferred, can not ensure the creasing wheels rotating precision. It doesn’t achieve the expect effect, but damage the board to be cracking.b. The creasing wheels are fixed at the wall frame, the precision is ensured by the high load bearings, the rotating precision can controlled within ±0.1mm, The supporting guide rod for the wall frame the compressive strength can reach more than 250Tons, therefore the creasing can be very stable and smooth, and achieve the creasing effect.
c. The left and right side creasing precision is controlled by the shifting fork when move for the positioning, as there has the gap between block and creasing wheels, it will swing left and right when working, easy to cause the creasing errors.c. The creasing wheels left and right side positioning is controlled by the precise lead screws,  it’s positioning perfect at the high speed running, can achieve the forming precision requirement.
d. The mentioned structure here only 2 sets of creasing wheeld. And here structure is 3 sets creasing wheels from light to deep, ensure the precision.

4. Folding Section:
(1) Gluing device assembled at the front of the folding .The gluing device composes of bottom gluing wheel, upper creasing wheel and gluing box.
(2) The cardboard left/right the second and fourth line 180 degree folding and achieve forming box mainly through 3 pcs 60mm width bottom belt, 2 pcs 80mm width bending belts and 2 pcs of enfold guide tubes.
(3) Several different angular guide wheels are setting at the left/right sides, it can make the boards enfolding smoothly via adjusting the guide wheels position and angular according to the different paper or cardboard thickness.
(4) Several supporting bearings are fixed under the bottom belt to support and guide the belt running stably.
(5) Both side of bottom belt assembled with the positioning rail to make sure the belt would not fall/drop/deviate at the high speed running.
(6) The upper belts assembled with the auto raising device cylinder controlled to ensure the faults removed conveniently and fast.

Other Supplier’s designOur design
a. The cardboard folding and forming the box is via adjusting the gap between the folding knife and bottom belt. As different cardboard with different gap, the adjusting would be difficult. When the gap and cardboard thickness is not in consistent, the feeding way is under the un-control status, is natural oscillation, which easy to cause the jam fault when at the high speed running, therefore the productivity is decreasing but the waste cardboard is rising.a. the cardboard is vacuum absorbed to the bottom belt when is transferred to folding section, it’s ensured to feed smoothly when at the high speed running. High precision box forming, no need to adjust the gap between folding knife and bottom belt. Easy to operate.  

5. Fully Pressing Section:
(1) Conveying the stacking boxes to the Fully Pressing section with the scale overlapping, the speed can be adjusted according to the main machine speed.
(2) To adjust the upper and bottom conveying belt gap/pressure according to the forming boxes type or cardboard performance, can ensure the boxes neatly feeding to the conveying section and gluing perfect.
(3) The Flapping/Correction the box device is done via the cam mechanism front and back movement set at the back side, to make sure the gluing precision.
(4) The machine main control cabinet is assembled at the Fully Pressing section which is good and convenient for observing and operating.
(5) The stepless variator assembled at the pressing/flapping section for speed up the upper belt when the fishing tail problem happened to reduce its error.
(6) Flapping baffle composes of 3 pcs, the flapping angular can be adjusted individually, and can also flapping and correction the abnormal carton boxes.
6. Conveying Section:
(1) The left/right guide correction rods are setting at the front, can manual adjusting to left or right side according to the forming boxes sizes
(2) The wind pressure mouth is adopted to protect the forming boxes from drifting and wrong falling at the high speed ejecting. Avoid the jamming and damaging the carton boxes which would affect the machine normal running.
(3) 2 pcs of upper and bottom photoelectric switch are adopted at the ejecting baffle, to set the up and down limit according to the forming boxes stacking height. Ejecting speed and time can be automatically adjusted according to the main machine speed.
(4) The ejecting baffle can be front and back adjusted by motor according to the forming boxes length.
(5) 1000mm width, 3mm thickness flexible belt from Taiwan adopted would not damage the finished goods.
(6) Automatic high speed pressure controlled by cylinder adopted for whole pressing to ensure the good pressing effect.
(7) Most of the other supplier design of this is 4m. but we use 6m to increasing the gluing effect.
7. Counter Ejector:
(1) Humanized tilting conveying structure, is easy to operate can reduce the labor strength.
(2) Two Sets of ejecting baffles are adopted and its front/back movement adjusted by motor according to the different forming boxes type and length.
(3) One set of boxes output creasing wheel is adopted for evenly pressing to reduce the impact force that can avoid the feeding in disorder.
(4) The stacking boxes quantity ejected can be set according to customized, and ejected in order, convenient to match the automatic wrapping machine.
(5) Pneumatic front baffle with the reciprocate push rod design can make the ejecting more accuracy and fast.
8. Electrical System  
(1) Repeat orders saving function is controlled by PLC. (The orders produced before can be picked out at the next time with the last time speed status.
(2) PLC is from Mitsubishi, Japan, Main motor from Teco. Taiwan
(3) Clutch from Germany and Japan Joint technology product, The inverter from Delta Taiwan.
(4) Electric module, switches from Schneider, Photoelectric switch from Omron Japan.
(5) Oversized LED Screen can clearly know the current running speed and output.
(6) Remote control system, can long distance control the machine at the normal running, all manual adjusting panel can be operated at the remote control panel, which makes the debugging of the machine more convenient and fast. The longest distance is 50m.
(7) Folding baffle or panel no. can be shown at the oversized Led screen. 
9. The Origin of Main Parts

1Main Machine
1*225mm heat and cold processing international steel.
1*216mm heat and cold processing international steel.
1*212mm heat and cold processing international steel.
4Main Motor11KW1 setTECO, TAIWAN
5Adjusting motor400W1 setCPG, TAIWAN
6Suction Blower3.7KW1setEMORE HORN, TAIWAN
7Conveying motor2.2KW/1:201 setMatching with 1:20 reducer
8Gears reducer motor 0.4KW1 setCPG, TAIWAN (with brake)
9Inverter Used for Main Motor, conveying and counting3 setsDELTA
11Touch Screen7” colorful screen 1 setPT, TAIWAN
12LED Display board
1 setSpeed and output live record
13Monitor system8” Colorful Screen + Camera1 setMonitor the ejecting operation
14Wireless remote controller10 Baffles/Panels key1 setWireless remote controller for the main machine operation
16Feeding Belt DHIORION, ITALY
17Folding beltXH, ITALY
18Conveying beltITALY
19Control buttonsSCHNEIDER, FRANCE
20Photoelectric switchOMRON, JAPAN
22Air switch DELIXI
23BearingNSK, JAPAN


No.ItemSpec.UnitQunt.Applicable Machine
1Monkey Spanner250mmPCS1Auto Folder Gluer
2Open-end wrench
8-10PCS1Auto Folder Gluer
12-14PCS1Auto Folder Gluer
17-19PCS1Auto Folder Gluer
Box Spanner
16-18PCS1Auto Folder Gluer
13-16PCS1Auto Folder Gluer
22-24PCS1Auto Folder Gluer
4Hexagonal Wrench

SET1Auto Folder Gluer
5Hexagonal Wrench
M12SET1Auto Folder Gluer
6Straight Screwdriver
PCS1Auto Folder Gluer
7Cross Screwdriver

PCS1Auto Folder Gluer
8Remote Controller
PCS1Auto Folder Gluer

Model No.
       LQ-ZD2000        LQ-ZD2400
Max. Speed (m/min)                           200      150
Applicable Cardboard                  A B C E F Flute 3/5-Ply Cardboard
Max. Feeding Size (mm)
2000*750 2400*1000
Min. Feeding Size (mm)
650*300 650*300
Gluing Error Scope (mm)                                              ±1
Main Motor Power (KW)
11 15
Out-looking Size (mm)
20000*3000*1800 20000*3200*180
Machine Weight (T)
14 16
Box Type

Max. Min. Max. Min.

700 100 765 100

700 100 765 100


1000 300 750 300

2000 650 2400 650

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