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LQSND350A Auto Bender Machine


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  • LQSND350A

  • UPG

  1. SCHNEIDER auto bender machine is usable for every kind of die cutting mould:High precision cigarette boxes,medicine boxes,electronics board,labels,printing and packaging die.

  2. Well designed precision tools with precise rule cutting,no burr at the end and seamless joint,save the time on trimming and grinding,greatly improve the work efficiency and product quality.

  3. Original bi-directional cutting design achieve fast and continuous work and improve work efficiency for its advantage of no need returning rule to trim the rules.

  4. It is the preferred machine for global large die cut factories in the past 20 years for its Unique design of single screw knife feeding mechanism,more accurate and durable.

  5. New Hancheng has 20 years' experience in producing high quality Auto Bender Machine,serving 40 regions and countries,over 3000 packing and printing enterprises round the world.New Hancheng has a number of international and domestic well known brands and technology patents and has passed the certification of CE and ISO.

  6. Auto nicking is suitable for making nicks of connection point of the  color box printing.Consistent width and depth of the nicks reduce the paper out and jam. 

Min Bending Length


Min Cutting Length


Feeding Precision


Bending Flatness


Air Pressure



220V 50-60Hz Total Power:2.5kw

Operating System

Win 7 64 Bits

Machine Size

Main Machine:2000×700×1600mm

Rule Holder:2000×700×1600mm

Packing Size

Main Machine:1950×900×1600mm

Rule Holder:900×900×1500mm


N.W:420KG G.W:520KG

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