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SDY-1000SBDType double bottom bag making machine.

  • SDY-1000SBDType
  • UPG

 Machine function   Double - out for four - pressure side bag, double - out flat bag, double - out flat bottom zip pouch, single out flat zipper bag,
Main electrical configuration    The main engine is Mitsubishi 5.0KW servo motor, towed five sets of Mitsubishi servo motors, Panasonic PLC, Taiwan vane LCD touch screen and roll constant tension.
Suitable substrate   BOPPCPPPETPENylon and aluminum plating and other plastic composite film and paper plastic composite.
Maximum mechanical beat    40 times/min
Highest discharge line speed.   ≤25 Meters per minute (depending on the material)
 Bag size   Bags high * bags wide * single side insertion depth.=950mm*500mm*100mm
Maximum size of material roll.   get upφ800×1050mm、Ed.φ800×1250mm(diameter x width)
Positioning accuracy   ≤±0.2mm
 Number of heat sealing knives  The horizontal seal adopts four sets of horizontal sealing knives, two sets of k-type knives, and two sets of upper and lower cooling.
                 1set of hot zipper head, 1 group ultrasonic zipper head.
The zipper adopts two sets of upper and lower heating and 2 groups to cool down.
The longitudinal seal adopts one group up and down and one group to cool down.
               Seal PE was cooled by 2 sets of heating and 2 groups.
The ironing base can be adjusted by adjusting the heating on the 3 groups and cooling on the 1 group.
The organ spot is hot under 3 sets.
The triangle is ironed by independent mobile cylinder, one group of upper and lower heating and one group are cooled.
Temperature setting range     0300
The whole machine work rate   about125Kw
Overall dimensions    21500×2600×1950mm(length x width x height)
 whole machine net weight   about12000kg
    color    304stainless steel drawing cover and black phosphating fuselage.
Control system model    PLC high speed bag-making machine control system


Part namename modelnumber
 transmission partServo motor5.0Kw Mitsubishi servo motor.13
Main engine reducerPrecision planetary gear reducer1
Main feed Inverter0.75KW4
Feeding motor0.55KW4
Drawing partFive groups of tractionMitsubishi servo motor5
 organ release part.inverter0.4KW2
Feeding motor0.2KW2
Pneumatic componentsCylinder, solenoid valve. whole machine
control part
PLC main unit
LCD touch screen15inch1
Magnetic powder brake 6
Rectifying controller 2
Rotary encoder 3only
Rectifying positioning photoelectric color standard. 10only
Proximity switch 
  1. Equipment configuration and related parameters.

    1. Main transmission device.
      Structure: crank rocker push-pull four-bar structure.
      Main motor:5.0Kw Mitsubishi servo motor.
      Reducer: Taiwan CBT precision planetary gear reducer.
      Control form: centralized computer control.

    2. Feeding device
      Structural form: horizontal and upper double discharge without stop feeding, horizontal roll (consisting of magnetic powder brake, cylinder, frequency converter, motor, traction roll sensor and control system).
      Fold mode: by the horizontal material, the vertical lifting and lifting of the material shaft to the position, and then the A shape frame to fold into the material.

    3.  Film traction
      Structure: five groups of pneumatic rubber roller compression.
      Drive: five sets of Mitsubishi servo motors.
           Transmission: H-type synchronous belt wheel drive, speed ratio1:3.5
             Control form: centralized computer control.

    4.  Feeding tension
      Control mechanism: a compound constant speed constant tension control system composed of computer control, magnetic powder brake, frequency converter and ac motor, sensor and rotary encoder and cylinder.
      Adjusting drive: PID regulating PWM drive
      Detection method: integrated detection of sensor and rotary encoder.

    5.  Rectifying device.
      Structure: the screw rod regulates the vertical lifting of K frame.
      Drive: solid state relay drive permanent magnet low speed synchronous motor.
      Control form: dual photoelectric sensor computer centralized control.
      Test method: Italian disy reflex photoelectric sensor detection.
      After fine degrees0.5mm
      Adjustable range150mm
      Photoelectric search range±50mm.Adjustable, limit switches range.

    6. Double cutting knife
      Structure: top cutting knife + adjusting device + fixed cutting knife.
      Form: servo motor drive double cut.
      Drive: servo motor synchronous belt wheel drive.
      Adjustment: horizontal movement, pull handle adjustable Angle.

    7. To the Edge 
      Structure: adjustable rubber roller center with rotating structure
      Form: manual adjustment (regulating hand wheel)

    8. Up - down shape
      Structure: double roller and bottom adjustment.
      Form: manual adjustment (regulating handle)

    9.  Vertical sealing device
      Structure: vertical arrangement of the bridge structure, the upper and lower each ironing.
      Drive: main motor drive power lever.
      Transmission: eccentric mechanism connecting rod vertical motion.
      Quantity: 1 set
      Scalpel size: heat seal 1200mm×20mm  cooling 500mm

    10. Horizontal sealing device
      Structure: horizontal arrangement of pressing spring compression structure.
      Drive: main motor drive power lever.
      Quantity: 4 sets of horizontal seal hot stamping, 2 groups of K strengthening, 1 group of zipper perm, 1 group ultrasonic zipper head 2 group cooling.
      Scalpel size1100mm×25mm

    11.  Intermediate tension
      Structure: pneumatic floating tension roller structure.
      Control form: centralized computer control.
      Detection method: no contact proximity switch.
      Tension adjustment range of floating roller00.6Mpaair pressure, intermediate traction motor compensation range110mm   (computer setting, automatic interpolation)

    12.  Automatic positioning device.
      Method: the precision of automatic length control of the computer is: less than 0.5
      The precision of tracking and detection of the reflected photoelectric sensor in diss, Italy:0.5
      Photoelectric search scope:010mm(range size computer can set automatic search)
      Corrected compensation range±1~±5mm(compensation scope computer can set automatic compensation)
      Positioning correction mode: servo tracking current compensation.

    13. Temperature control device.
      Detection method: thermocouple detection K type.
      Control mode: computer centralized control, solid-state relay drive PID adjustment.
      Temperature setting range: 0 ~ 300 degrees.
      Temperature measurement point: middle segment of electric heating block.

    14. Zipper device
      Longitudinal cold pressing: longitudinal arrangement of composite bridge structure.
      Zipper direction: left and right guide longitudinal arrangement.
      Quantity: 2 sets
      Scalpel size: heat seal 1200mm x 13mm cooling 500mm x 14mm.

    15.  Punching device.
      Structure: gantry type pneumatic punch.
      Drive: electronic switch driven solenoid valve (24V)
      Punch holder: gantry punch holder manual horizontal fine adjustment structure, gantry type punch holder.
      Adjustment amount:±12mm .
      Air cylinder: pneumatic control.
      Mold: four corners diamond, triangle diamond, tear.
      Number: five

    16. Conveying table device.
      Structure: L type horizontal station.
      Drive: solid state relay drive, gear reduction electronic speed control single motor.
      Transmission: chain drive, round belt, flat belt conveyor.
      Delivery time and quantity: set free in computer.
      Control form: centralized computer control.

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