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LQ 2000 Laser Imagesetter

  • LQ 2000
  • UPG

LQ2000 high precision color laser imagesetter to which applying latest research achievements is newly designed and produced by EastCom, which has many years experience for developing and Producing imagesetter. Automatic precision film-feeding, and reserve manual film-feeding 600dpi---4000dpi switch for choice novel figuration, humanization design , convenient operation, stable performance. monitor and display the whole process and status real-time with graphics and letter by large-size LCD.

 Exposure dimensions

2000mm × 1200mm (CHOOSE)

 Scanning precision


scanning mode

external drum, broad band laser scanning with high speed  

Repeatability Precision (mm) <±


Operation mode

 half automatic ,single piece of film feeding

External dimensions

2500mm × 1100mm × 1220mm