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LQ1800 Laser Imagesetter

  • LQ1800
  • UPG

LQ1800 High precision, full automatic, 60m lining by roller laser imagesetter without any dark room is the latest product developed by Eastcom in 2005 with full automatictity operation during whole process, grid reverting exactly and high precision resetting and so on. Also it is the ideal choice of large plate making  center , news printing, circuit printing and escutcheon trade. Welcome to join in Eastcom printing world and feel the charm of science and technology. 

Exposure dimensions

1320mm/1120mm × 914mm / 760mm / 660mm 

Scanning precision


scanning mode

external drum, broad band laser scanning with high speed 

Repeatability Precision (mm) <±


Operation mode

 full automaticon-line operation with 60m roll film and processor, 
without dark room

 External dimensions

2710mm × 1600mm × 1160mm 

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