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LQ CTP Plate Cleaner

  • UPG

In recent years for the obvious popularity of CTP plate fountain solution.also use for ordinary PS plate

1.Containing mixed solvent,ultrafine abrasive sand.strong decontamination(scratch,dirty,dirty stain and various oxide)

2.Improve the non-image area doesn't sense grease.form good hydroph山c film.

3.While removing the ink.improve the image area sense grease.

4.Various plate(PS plate,CTP plate.aluminium plate.zinc plate,etc)can be use.

1.Shake well before use.

2.Dip with a wet sponge into it,gently wipe the plate and water washing plate again, after clean dirty can start to printing.

3.Be sure to cover cap tightly.

PACKING:1 L/ bottle 15 bottles/box

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