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LQ UV plate cleaner


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  • LQ

  • UPG

The product contains active ingredients of fountain solution is especially suitable for UV printing.

1.Applicable to any brand of offset printing press.suitable for UV printing.

2.It's completely free of formaldehyde, the plate has longer service life.

3.The best ink-water balance,Reduce ink accumulation on plate surface,reduce washing time.

4.The stability of the ink-water balance,reduce ink emulsification ,ink surface moisture reduction,effectively control roll surface to produce calcium.

1 shake well before use.

2.Dip with a wet sponge into it,gently wipe the plate and water washing plate again, after clean dirty than start to printing.

3.Be sure to cover cap tightly.

Packing: 1 L/ bottle 15 bottles/box

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