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LQ-UV Blanket and roller wash


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  • LQ

  • UPG

Application: suitable for all kinds of offset printing UV ink

1.This product has strong cleaning ink function, non-toxic, odorless, non-flammable, safe to store.

2.No adverse effects and damage to the ink roller and PS plate

1.Before starting up, the car wash water spray on the ink bucket and rotating roll, after washing the ink roller to scrub ink duct and rotating roll.

2.Turn on the machine (to maximum speed) and spray an appropriate amount of Blanket and roller wash agent on the roller. Spray back and forth 2-3 times, 15-20 seconds between each spray (larger machine takes longer).After run for 1-2 minutes then tightening the ink scraping (pay special attention to this).

3.After tightening the ink scraping, and the ink scraping roller connection is good, about 1 minute ink on the roller is scraped clean, if the ink roller is not clean, should continue to add an appropriate amount of Blanket and roller wash in the ink roller is not clean, until clean.

Packing: 20L/drum

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