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LQ-MD 4060 Digital UV Printing Machinery


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  • LQ-MD 4060

  • UPG

  • LQ-MD 4060

· Reliable boards system work on stable,high precision machine body ,it can work on any line.  

· Automatic  stirring system for white ink and lacking ink alarming system.  Making sure non-stop working. Together with alarm function for  ink  shortage.  

· White ink channel on or off optional and output percentage adjustable, make printing more vividly and saturation.

· Carriage height could reach to 24cm; And it can work on 3 heads by varnish+white+color, Print speed faster, and control easier. 

· Highly integration control software with non-stop working function,  easy to read and add print file during printing.

· Support for multiple printing on same picture by one time, fit for most special produciton request. 

ModelLQ-MD 3040A/BLQ-MD 4060A/B
Printhead number1pc/ 2pcs1pc/ 2pcs
Max printing head15cm
Max printing size40×30cm40×60cm
Optional   printing color4 color+W+V, 4 color+W,4 color+V, 4 color only
SpeedDouble headSingle headDouble headsSingle head
High quality120sec/page140sec/page120sec/page140sec/page
Printing materialGlass, Tile, Acrylic, PP, Metal, Wood, Stone, Rotary material
Rip softwareUltra print/ Maintop/ Photoprint
Picture modePSD/ TIFF/ BMP/ EPS/ JPG
Environment25-30℃, 50% humidity, clean
Computer   systemWindows XP/ Windows7/ Windows10
Machine size820×620×520mm920×850×550mm
Package size900×700×600mm1220×950×660mm
Machine   weightNet. 55kg/ Gross.80kgNet. 85kg/ Gross.110kg

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