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LQ PS Plate


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  • LQ

  • UPG

  LQ series positive PS plate is of distinct dot, high resolution, quick ink-water balance, long press life and wide tolerance in developing and etc. No matter in conventional damping system and alcohol damping system, it can produce a clear and delicate press and show optimal performance when you handle the exposure and developing conditions well.


           Type           Positive PS plate
         Positive PS plate
          (High sensitivity)
   Spectral sensitivity
      Exposure time
30 seconds;about 20 Pulses   20 seconds;about 14 Pulses
(3000W lodine-Gallium lamp,from 1m,UGRA PCW82 control strip,the third section un-inking)
     Developing time             20-40 seconds(UPG developer:water=1:7,23±2℃)
         Run-length50000-100000 various with its printing conditions and imaging content
          Safe lightyellow light fluorescent lamp with UV filter film

Advantages:1.High sensitivity.
                        2.Excellent performance in developing.
                        3.Wide tolerance in operating condition.
                        4.Unique hydrophilic layer treament, good ink-water balance.
                        5.Excellent air education layer, good dot-reproduction.

         Ratio:concentrate developing liquid: water=1:7~1:10
         Processor:30~40 seconds
         Developing temperature:23±2

Gas leading technology
  This international advanced online gas leading technology reduces the time for plate making and effectively reduces the spoil of basking and simplifies the operation as well as enhance the quantity of pictures and characters, especially apply to the newspaper printing and high level color printing.

Oxidized layer
  Enhanced the plate`s stability to be printed repeatedly produce best balance between water and ink in the process of printing.  

Sensitive Colophony layer
 This sensitives film boosts the characters of high speed, short transition period, high resolution ratio etc.

  When the developing temperature is over 30℃, it will hurt plate oxidized layer, which will result in spoil of plate, affecting with dust and lower resolution and duration. You should stir adequately and make it according to the introduction manual when prepare the developer, the left developer should be stored with sealing to protect from useless.

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