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LQ15D-620 Blow Molding Machinery

UPG Blow Molding Machine is based on accurate calculation of die runner design, which is streamlined, has no dead angle and can change color quickly
  • LQ15D-620
  • UPG


Basic Machine 

Carriage with linear motion system 

1. Consisting of machine frame, extruder base frame and rear mounted control cabinet 

2. Horizontal mold carriage movement forward/backward on linear roller bearings 

3. Parallel opening/closing of blow mold, mold clamping area unobstructed by tie bars, fast build up of clamping force, variation in mold thickness possible 

4. Extrusion head lifting/lowering allowing continuous high parison extrusion head 

Automatic Grease Lubrication System

 For lubrication points at the bearings of the carriage

Hydraulic Unit

 Integrated in the machine frame 

1. Bosch-Rexroth servo variable speed pump and high pressure dosing pump, accumulator assisted, with energy saving function

2. Oil cooling circuit equips with heat exchanger, temperature control and maximum oil temperature alarm

3. Electrical monitoring of oil filter pollution and low oil level

4.  Hydraulic oil temperature controlled by PLC, ranging from 30oC~40oC 

5.  The hydraulic unit is delivered without oil 

     Tank capacity: 400 Liters 

     Drive power:18.5kW Bosch-Rexroth servo pump &7.5kW VOITH dosing pump



ExtruderE60 + E70 + E50 + E25
Extrusion Head


4-Fold/ Reco-3-layer/ with view stripe /Center distance:125mm

Article Net Weight52±2g
Cycle Time16-18 seconds
Production Capability1,600-1,800 pcs/hour

Mold Specifications:

Clamping force150 kN (max 160 kN)
Thickness(min)2×120 mm
Mold weight(max)2×350 kg
Claping stroke(max)280mm
Carriage shuttle stroke620mm

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