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Journal Fountain Solution

Especially formulated for newspaper presses.
Suit for both soft and rigid water, have enough printing latitude to make the printing effect stable.No austenite deposit, reduce the remained ink and paper fiber from the blanket. No build-up in water pipe, enhance the grease receptiveness in image area and make print work dry fast.

Application of Water Quality Soft water~hard water
Concentration of Fountain Solution 2~2.5%
PH Value 4.5~5.5
Surface Strain 35~42*10-5 N/cm
Conductivity(ms/cm) 950~1200
The suggestion for dilution percent is 2-2.5%.PH value at 4.5~5.5(depending on water quality)
PACKING: 5 liter drum /20 liter can/ 25 liter drum/200 liter drum