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LQ-1400ST/1650ST/1900ST Servo controlled high speed sheeter

LQ-1400ST/1650ST/1900ST Servo controlled high speed cutting series

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  • LQ-1400ST/1650ST/1900ST

  • UPG

The operation of the paper cutter is relatively simple, and the requirements for the environment are not high. Generally, power supply is used in general office to ensure power supply. Generally, the paper cutter is equipped with an automatic switch system. As long as the old paper is being fed, the paper cutter will automatically rotate to cut the paper. Some paper cutters need to press the start button once, and the paper cutter will turn to continue cutting. After shredding, press the stop / reverse key to stop the cutter.

Web width   range400mm to 1400mm400mm to 1650mm400mm to 1900mm
Sheet length   range450mm to 1400mm450mm to 1650mm450mm to 1900mm
Pile height   including Pallet1300mm1300mm1300mm
Gross pile   weight1500kg2000kg2500kg

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