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LQ-BKL Series Semi-auto Granule Packing Machine

BKL series semi-auto granule packing machine is specially developed for granular materials and designed strictly according to GMP standard. It could finish weighing, filling automatically. It is suitable for all kinds of granular foods and condiments such as white sugar, salt, seed, rice, aginomoto, milk powder, coffee, sesame and washing powder.

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1.The whole machine is completely made of SUS304 stainless steel and the parts which contact material adopt mirror-surface treatment, thus could meet the high quality requirements of customers.
2.The protection grade of the equipment could reach IP55. No hidden corners and the modular structural design make it really convenient to quickly disassemble or assemble all the units, easy to pack, transport, maintain and clean.
3.Gas source is not required in order to avoid gas and oil pollution. The gate of the weighing bucket is driven by stepping motor, capable of pause or adjust at any speed and angle, which is suitable for different materials.
4.It is equipped with friendly man-machine interface and convenient one-button operation system. All working parameters can be automatically tracked and revised. If you want to replace the current product, only one parameter of the replacement needs resetting. The military modular programmable weighing controller is stable, reliable and highly intelligent.
5.The equipment provides remote control support and networking capabilities. The data statistics functions such as single package weight, cumulative quantity, product percent of pass, weight deviation, etc., could be be all developed and uploaded. Communication protocol MODBUS is used to enjoy a very convenient interlinking DCS.
6.It allows storaging up to 99 formula datas, each of which can be invoked by one-button operation system.
7.It can be directly installed on a vertical or a horizontal machine as an automatic packaging machine, and also could be matched with a base as a semi-automatic packaging machine.

Measure ModeWeighing Mode
Packing Range10-1800g10-2800g
Display Degree×0.1×0.1×0.1×0.1
Packing Precision±0.1%±0.1%±0.1%±0.1%
Capacity≤35bags/min≤45bags/min≤60bags/min≤40 bags/min
Power Supply0.3kw0.4 kw0.5 kw0.5 kw
Overall Dimensions(L*W*H)520x630x1750mm700x700x1950mm820x700x2150mm700x700x1950mm
Weight100 kg150 kg160 kg160 kg

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