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LQ-King Series H Sheet-fed Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

This machine puts a handle rope between two pieces of paper and fixes it together with hot met glue as a hand grip.
The handle material can be twisted paper rope,twisted p.p.rope,acrylic resin rope,etc.
The handle making machine is installed parallel to the main machine.t's possible to install it on either side of the main machine that according to the space.

Pasting handles that made by handle making machine or cardboard to the mouth of the main sheet paper and folding. This is pasting unit for handles or cardboard (double pasting style)

This unit punches two holes as well as four holes normally there are 3 kinds of holes diameters, 4,6 and 8 mm. And holes distance included two kinds.80 to 200mm.
it's possible to set up a banana type holes die cutting system as option.

-Quick Adjustment Device
Organ line adjustment and pressure adjustment are controlled by a digital display, greatly reducing the time for adjusting and improved production efficiency.

-Automatic Collecting Device
It can automatically calculate the quantity and more convenient to collect bags.

-Bottom Opening cylinder
Only needs to adjust one side of the cylinder, the other two sides will be adjusted automatically. Greatly reduced adjustment time and improved production efficiency.

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Technical indicators ZH-KING-22H ZH-KING-35H ZH-KING-45H ZH-KING-50H
Bag Width(mm) 150~260 180~350 220~450 280~500
Bottom Width(mm) 60~130 70~160 70~170 80~230
Tube Length(mm) 215~395 280~540 320~560 400~740
Sheet Width(mm) 490~770 530~1050 610~1260 750~1260
Sheet Length(mm) 265~445 340~600 380~620 460~800
Cardboard Length(mm) 133.4 152.4 188.4 228.6
Cardboard Width(mm) 80~90 90~100 90~100 90~100
Rope Spacing(mm) 66.7 76.2 94.2 114.3
Rope Height(mm) 160~180 170~185 170~185 170~190
Flin Width(mm) 40~50 40~60 40~60 40~60
Power Consumption(kw) 20 27 30 34
2050w 2050w 2800w 3000w
External Size(mm) 14120L 14680L 15000L 17870L
2700H 2700H 3000H 3500H
1340w 1340w 1340W 2300w
Machine Size(mm) 5410L 5410L 5410L 5440L
2690H 2690H 2690H 2800H
Machine Weight (kg) 22000 22000 22000 32000
Max.Speed (Baas/min) 60 60 60 55


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