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LQ-MD RFID Antenna (General)


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  • LQ-MD

  • UPG

Product features

  • Realize the first in first out management of goods

       RFID warehouse management system uses advanced RFID technology, wireless LAN, database and other advanced technologies to combine the whole warehouse management with RFID technology, can efficiently complete various business operations, improve warehouse management, and enhance efficiency and value. For each batch of Inbound Goods, the warehousing time, storage location and other information are automatically recorded by the system. When the goods are outbound, the first in first out management of goods can be realized on this basis.

  • Real time management of warehouse inventory

       The inventory management of the original warehouse depends on manual reports and manual statistics, which makes it impossible for each department to understand the inventory information in time and accurately. In addition, with the development of business, the number and variety of goods in and out of the country are gradually expanding, and the needs of customers are becoming more and more complex. Whether the real-time management of warehouse inventory can be realized has become an important factor affecting the establishment of a fast and efficient operation system. RFID warehouse management system can grasp the inventory situation of the warehouse in real time and accurately, which provides a scientific basis for leaders at all levels and relevant departments to optimize inventory, production and operation decisions.

  • Material tracking and graphical management

    On the basis of cargo pallet location management, the system can also realize the functions of material tracking and graphical management. This function enables inventory materials to be reflected in a graphical way very intuitively and quickly. The storage efficiency and fineness of goods management are greatly improved. Improve the identification rate in the process of goods in and out of the warehouse, do not open the box for inspection, and identify multiple goods at the same time, so as to improve the efficiency of goods in and out of the warehouse.

  • Reduce inventory cycle and delivery cost

       The traditional warehouse inventory is time-consuming and laborious. RFID warehouse management system reduces the warehouse inventory cycle, improves the real-time performance of data, dynamically grasps the inventory situation in real time, and realizes the visual management of inventory items. Improve the efficiency and accuracy of the picking and distribution process, accelerate the speed of distribution, and liberate the labor force.

Other application fields

   Military material management; Tobacco logistics and warehouse management; Medical drug inventory management; Retail inventory distribution management; Warehouse management of materials and finished products in large enterprises; Classification and distribution management of airport consigned goods; Port, terminal container cargo management and other related types of applications.

Application Name Design Size Chip





95×8.15mm G2iM
AD-227 AD227 95×8.3mm M5
AD-229 AD229 95×8.15mm R6/R6-P
AD-233 AD233 70×14.5mm M5
AD-236 AD236 70×14.5mm U7
AD-237 AD237 70×14.5mm R6 / R6-P


70×14.5mm U8

(The size can be customized. Please contact the customer service for details.)

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