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LQ-MD RFID Antenna (Jewellery,Drugs)


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  • LQ-MD

  • UPG

   In order to realize the accurate management of jewelry, it is necessary to locate a single jewelry. RFID intelligent jewelry management system, RFID electronic tag has a unique ID number. Therefore, after the electronic tag corresponds to a single jewelry one by one, the accurate management of a single jewelry can be realized by identifying the electronic tag. At the same time, RFID equipment has the characteristics of multi tag reading at the same time. Therefore, through the application of RFID electronic tags, rapid and accurate commodity inventory and efficient management of jewelry assets can be realized.

   In the medical field, hospitals can use wristband electronic tags to achieve better medical monitoring services. Through the application of RFID electronic tags, hospitals can achieve medical records, fixed assets management, drug supply chain management and drug expiration detection.

  • New document level

  • Automatic inventory and positioning

  • Auto boot

  • automatic recognition

  • automatic tracking

  • Rapid patrol and alarm

  • Process management

  • Statistical file function

Application Name Design Size Chip



AD-160 AD-160 60×4mm U7
AD-171 AD-171
27×14mm M5
AD-172 AD-172 22×13mm U7
AD-180 AD-180 26mm in diameter U7
AD-806 AD-806 16×16mm U7

(The size can be customized. Please contact the customer service for details.)

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