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LQ-MD RFID Antenna (Ticket category,Library)


PDF Export

  • LQ-MD

  • UPG

RFID smart book management includes

  • Library entry

       Input the information of new books into the RFID tag, paste it on each book, and transfer the information such as the storage location of book information to the background management database. The service life of RFID tag is longer than that of ordinary bar code and magnetic stripe.

  • Rack position management

       It can be used by librarians when they put books on shelves and sort out books on wrong shelves. It can reduce the workload of librarians and effectively improve work efficiency.

  • Self service library card handling

       It is convenient for readers to apply for library cards by themselves.

  • Self service query renewal system

       Online operation, readers can self-help query the library situation and storage location of books on any computer with network, and can renew books.

  • Self loan and return

       Readers' self-service borrowing and returning function can reduce the workload of administrators and improve the service level of the library.

  • Safety door

       Automatically read the borrowing and returning of books to effectively prevent books from being stolen.

Benefits of scheme implementation

  • Improve management efficiency

  • Improve the borrowing rate of books

  • Improve the humanized service level of the library

  • Ireduce the labor intensity of managers

  • Simplify the procedures for readers to borrow and return books

  • Greatly improve the efficiency of book inventory and wrong shelf book sorting


Application Name Design Size Chip


3.Ticket category

AD-709x AD-709x 47×47mm NXP ICODE SLIX
AD-714x AD-714x 45×76mm NXP ICODE SLIX
AD-721 AD-721 21×21mm NXP NTAG213
AD-730x AD-730x 31×14mm NXP ICODE SLIX
AD-740 AD-740 38×23mm NXP Mifare UL EV1
AD-750 AD-750 18×8mm NXP NTAG213

(The size can be customized. Please contact the customer service for details.)

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