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LQ-MD RFID Antenna (High performance,Close to liquid / metal)


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  • LQ-MD

  • UPG

Product features  

   This product  has the advantages of small size, convenient installation and stable and reliable product performance.

  • It can work stably when installed on the metal surface.

  • The product surface can be painted.

  • The product installation method is flexible and convenient.

  • After surface painting treatment, it can be used outdoors.

Product application

  • Tool management.

  • It facility management.

  • Metal container management.

  • Management of indoor and outdoor office equipment and facilities with metal shell.

  • Personnel patrol management.

  • Fixed assets management.

Application Name Design Size Chip
1.High performance



4.Close to liquid / metal
AD-451 AD-451 (37×45mm)→(19×45mm) M5
AD-550 AD-550 38×76mm M5
AD-661 AD-661 90×19mm R6 / R6-P
AD-680 AD-680 50×50mm R6 / R6-P

(The size can be customized. Please contact the customer service for details.)

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