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LQHYP45B-IV Four-Color Printing Press

● The main transmission gear is located in the machine's shield, full lubrication and long life;
● Three printing rollers with vertical arrangement, easy to operate:
● Print roller bearings are imported precision bearings to ensure that the rotation accuracy:
● by the roller pressure adjustment structure advanced, easy to operate;
● Adopting shaftless transmission technology, each color group is independent of each other and can be installed and wiped drum at the same time;
● The use of synchronous transmission between color groups, through the virtual spindle as a reference, to achieve high-precision synchronization
● Roller with hard lining, printing dot strong, clear;
● adopt the cam high point closed teeth, reliable positioning, overprint accurate;
● Plate cylinder alcohol dampening, bright ink printed goods;
● by version of the roller cylinder clutch cylinder driven, simple structure, reliable work;
● Water roller, ink roller by a separate inverter motor drive,
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