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LQ-330 PS Plate Full Rotary Label Printing Machine

LQ330 ps plate label printing machine is the perfect combination of offset and flexo printing.

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  • LQ330

  • UPG

  • 8443140000

Brief Introduction

LQ330 ps plate label printing machine is the perfect combination of offset and flexo printing. The modules are specifically designed for the label printing industry to ensure extremely high print quality and have the ability to print on a wide variety of materials.

• Combination of offset and flexo printing - for maximum versatility.

• Developed from the sheet-fed offset press - for optimal print quality.

• Flexo unit is suitable for a variety of substrates - for greater flexibility.

• Flexible application of inline technologies - offers comprehensive solutions.

• Pre-registration and auto registration system - easier to operate.



Printing Speed

120m/min 393 ft/min

Offset + Offset Overprinting Precision

≤0.035mm .001in

Offset + Flexo Overprinting Precision

≤0.07mm .002in

Printing Colors (according to

customer requirements)


Max.Printing Repeat length

508mm (160 Teeth) 19.9in

Min.Printing Repeat length

412.8mm (130 Teeth) 16.25in

Max. Web Width

330mm 13in

Min. Web Width

160mm (Paper) 6.29in

Max. Printing Width

320mm 12.5in

Printable Thickness

0.02-0.35mm 20-350micron

Max. Unwind Roll Diameter

1000mm/270Kg 39in/595lbs

Max. Rewind Roll Diameter

1000mm/270Kg 39in/595lbs

Cold Foil Stamping:

Max.Unwind Roll&Rewind Roll Diameter

600mm/30Kg 23.6in/66lbs

Max. Die-cutting

508mm 20in

Offset Plate Thickness

0.30mm .01in

Flexo Plate Thickness

1.14mm .04in

Blanket Thickness

1.95mm .07in


3mm .1in

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