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LQ-MD 0806L Digital Board Cutter

  • LQ-MD 0806L
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  • LQ-MD 0806L

The LQ-MD 0806L adopts an integrated loading and unloading structure to achieve one-time feeding, cutting, and receiving, which greatly saves labor costs, improves work efficiency and achieves rapid delivery of sales and production; equipped with a variety of different tools to achieve the application of different materials cutting; There is no need to make knife molds. which saves time and cost for making knife molds.


· Equipped with high-definition CCD camera

Realize automatic accurate positioning of various materials,high precision,reduce errors

· Integrated design

The whole adopts one-piece structure,the operation is more stable

· Imported guide rail

Adopt Taiwan HIWIN guide rail,higher precision

· Equippes with multiple tools

Realize arbitrary switch of tool head,multiple materials are cut simultaneously

· Simple software operation

One-click operation,no complicated settings.


LQ-MD 0806L

Pump   power


Fiexed   power


Effective   cutting area (mm)


Max   feeding range(mm)


Operation   properties

Work   with any CAD software,computer synchronously for quick date transmission,with   auto material feeder device

Cutting   speed


Cutting   thickness


Cutting   materials

Sticker,card   paper,PP paper ,various corrugated board etc.

Standard   tool

Pen,cursor,creasing   wheel,universal cutting tool,graphtec blade,CCD camera,small oscillating tool

Feeding   mode

Auto   feeder

Fixed   method

Vacuum   suction

Repeat   precission


Software   resolution



Ethernet   port

Buffer   memory

Fast   transmission for multi-page large file

Command   mode

HPGL   compatible format

Control   panel

Touch   screen

Driving   system

Imported   Servo motor,straight rail


AC   220V/380V±10% 50HZ

Working   environment

Temp:   0-35 Humidity :35%-80%