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LQ-MD 320 Label Cutting Machine


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  • LQ-MD 320

  • UPG

  • LQ-MD 320C

    Traditional die cutter put lots of limits on today’s multiple customized and small copies printing jobs due to it's complex design, high cost and time cost in making die plates.

    Based on this situation, LQ-MD 320 Digital Label Die-Cutter with lamination, die cutter,slitting and rewinding function can provide an integrated solution in competitive cost to suit today's printing tendency.



1.High precision feeding system

LQ-MD 320 adopts double mark tracking sensors system to ensure the accuracy and stability in feeding media. Internal edge tracking mode and internal line tracking mode can be chosen to make UPG-320 has better performance on various cut jobs

2.Cold laminating system

IMG_9695Cold laminating be integrated on UPG-320 as a part of finishing solution to make the labels bright and give customer an one pack service on one machine.

3.Digital die-cutting system

LQ-MD 320 use Servo motor to drive die-cutting system together with tungsten steel blade, the  max speed up to 2m/s. Patent design make the max 4 knives working together and the min cutting thickness get to 1mm. 

4. Slitting system

Max. 15 slitting blades can cut big paper roll to small rolls which can be directly used on labelling machine.  

5.Waste removing system

IMG_9709The high-precision machinery design can control the roller rotating uniformly and avoid the discontinuously removing of wastage and keep the finishing label clean.


Diameter 450mm

Cutting media width


Max.label width


Min.label length


Max.label length

400mm (segmentation get to 1200mm)

Cutting speed

Max.6m per minute (depend on label shape and size)

Cutting blades

Max. 4 pcs

Slitting blades

Max. 15pcs

Slitting width


Machine size



Machine weigh



110-127VAC, 50-60Hz, 1000WATTS

220-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1000WATTS


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